Thursday, February 28, 2013

Something to Look Forward To

Dear John,
It's been a fairly slow day here - laundry and some housework got done, a good amount of knitting, and a rest day for Hunter who is feeling bad after his first rabies shot. And we finally had a day without snow - also without sunshine, but at least without snow.
I was planning to call Irene today but she beat me to it. We only talked an hour and a half. And I don't have to worry about that, since I'm using Google Voice to make outgoing calls. The phone-bill month is 3/4 over, and I have only used 100 of 450 minutes. All the hour-long health insurance calls were made through Google Voice. I'm certain that's why God made it.
I was going to call Irene because I had a thought a few days ago. (Yes, I know - that's always worth calling about.) I was remembering that you and I had never gotten to make that day trip to Warsaw to explore and play, thinking that it wouldn't be much fun to go alone, and that I'd love to do that with your sister. I'd also like to explore Syracuse sometime, and I've been trying for six months to find somebody that wants to run up to Holland with me and finding no takers. So we talked about it and we have tentative plans. We both want to see the Meijer Sculpture Gardens in spring, so we'll spend a day there and one in Holland, and stay the night between at a hotel. We'll stay here for the rest of the time, and make day runs to places like Warsaw and Syracuse, and maybe Shipshe. After Pascha would be best - this years date is Pascha's latest possible date: May 5th. So sometime in May we'll run around and play and have fun. The Meijer garden should be lovely, Holland is always lovely, and Warsaw and Syracuse are on lakes so they can't help being lovely. We'll have a great time on a very low budget.
I am quite excited about this. I don't think I've looked forward to anything this much since we were planning on doing the same things last spring after you got out of the hospital and rehabbed your strength back. It feels good to be looking forward to something. I do look forward to little things - having people over to the house, meeting a friend for lunch, wanting spring to come - but this is an event on a larger scale and farther off in the future. And I can't wait. It's been so long since I've had that "I can't wait" feeling. More progress, I suppose. And it feels very good. Have I ever thanked you for having a sister that I have so much in common with? It was very thoughtful of you, especially since neither of us have a sister, and now we're both siblingless. You used to tease me every time I was going somewhere with Irene, asking if I was sure we could find enough to talk about for all that time. And I'd tell you yes, we could talk about you, and stick my tongue out at you. And you'd tell me to come closer and do that again.
I miss those jokes, but is feels good to remember them. And I always laugh when I think about them. I feel no compulsion to tell anybody else about them, though I don't mind if people know. But it's enough if only we know.
I need to get to sleep. The alarm will go off in eight hours. The dog is asleep at my feet and the cat is hiding out somewhere. He comes running as soon as I turn the bedroom lights out, jumps up on the bed, walks around over me, finds the spot he wants to sleep this time, and settles himself there. By that time Jethro has his spot staked out. It seems I constitute valuable real estate.
Please keep praying about my job and financial situation. I pray for you all day, every day. That's because I miss you all the time. Love you so much,

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