Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Bishop is Coming! The Bishop is Coming!

Dear John,
I'm happy tonight. I was at church today for an extra choir practice - we found out on Thursday that Bishop ANTHONY will be here tomorrow. So we're all happy and excited. And working on the special music, and planning lunch, and cleaning, and a hundred other things. While the Bishop is here, he will tonsure Adrian a reader and Charlie a sub-deacon. It's a big day for our little parish.
Brian and a bunch of volunteers have been busy for a couple of months getting the interior finished. I'll have to take some pictures to show you. This one was in the Goshen News today - they actually did an article about it all. And they got most things right. They said that Christ was the incarnation of the Father, but you can't expect sound understanding of the Trinity, I suppose. The photo is of the east wall. Brian's work is amazing.
And I'm being obedient to Father. He doesn't want me tithing until I'm making enough to live on without puling from savings. It is good to have his counsel and his prayers. And sermons - we love his sermons. And I'd love your prayers, too. I didn't hear from Panera Benefits yesterday, but there was freezing rain in Nashville so I expect the office was closed. I want to be sure I'm doing everything I should be doing. And that's much harder without having you to talk to. I trusted your discernment much more than I do my own. So please do pray for me, especially for the insurance, appealed medical bills, and income situations. And anything else that you think needs it! If you can't be here with me, then I'm glad you're there to pray for me. And to save me a seat next to you.
Love you more than everything here put together,

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