Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Night the Lights Went Out in New Orleans

Dear John,
And now, back to the Superbowl. Sunday night I told you all about what I was doing instead of watching it. Tonight I'll backtrack and give you the highlights.
First of all, the Ravens won. Considering that they shouldn't exist, that shouldn't happen. But if they hadn't, the 49ers would have won their sixth Superbowl. And I don't want my Steelers to have to share first place with anybody. So there's a good side.
Halftime was definitely a low-light. Now I know why I never paid any attention to Beyonce'. I saw enough of it to miss Bruce Springsteen's halftime show. There's quite a furor over her costume - basically, she performed in a black bustier. And now PETA is adding to the fun, I hear. I'm assuming there was leather or fur or something involved. I doubt that any animals were harmed during the actual performance. Unless, of course, they were in earshot and couldn't get away. Maybe I'm getting old and stodgy, but I still prefer performers clothed and talented. (Wow. That was nasty. I would say I was sorry, but you wanted a smart-mouthed woman, and here I am.)
The real highlight was a temporary loss of power. And they haven't found the cause yet. The first assumption was that the power draw blew the breakers, but it turns out that the power draw was less that that of a usual Saints home game, so that wasn't it. One of the networks consulted a voodoo priestess to see if a curse was to blame, but she said no. This is why the E is in EPSN.
The most interesting thing about the game is that it pitted the two Harbaugh brothers against each other. Commentators and sports reporters have talked about that at length for weeks. Trees have died over this. But the best commentary on the situation is this - it's been doing the rounds on Facebook. Priceless.
You know, I'm still not really watching sports. Watching with you was so much a part of sports for me, that I just miss you too much when games are on. I try sometimes. I'll start watching something, but before long I'm too aware that you're not here. There were lots of times that you weren't actually here, but you were only a text away. And as I was transcribing those texts we sent each other, there were so many that were game updates. For some games, my texting approached play-by-play. Now it's just me, and that's still a bit too painful. I'll get back to it when I'm ready. I don't know when that will be, but when it comes I'll know.
I miss you so much. There was nothing in my life that you weren't a central part of. I'm paying for that now, but you're so, so worth it!  I heard a dating service commercial tonight that promised to lead you to the love of your life. I don't think they can do that for me.
Love you, waiting to come to you,


  1. Love the meme. love, love, love your smartmouth!

  2. The meme was priceless - I had to be sure John saw it. As for the smart mouth, it comes with. So thanks!