Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Romance of Phone Contracts

Dear John,
Happy Valentines Day. Bah, humbug. Thank goodness we never made much of this holiday. I'm ready to have a holiday come and go that isn't terrible the first time without you. But I do miss our one Valentines Day tradition: making our annual trip to Verizon to see if we want new phones.
It's probably just as well. Going today without you would be tough. We discovered by accident that on this one day of the year, they're not busy at all. So every year we'd to go to South Bend for lunch, the go look at phones. 
It's because of you that our renewal date is different. When I went to Verizon last April to have your phone taken off of our plan, that date became our renewal date. They were nice about it - they didn't require a death certificate. And death is about the only thing that lets you make a plan change like that in the middle of a contract. I guess I looked like a new widow, whatever that looks like. Maybe it's my age that makes me look trustworthy.
That plan change did turn out as expected - one fewer phone cut the bill. I expected that to happen with the car insurance, but I found that a 57-year-old widow is more expensive to insure than a 57-year-old married couple. Go figure.
So today I look at my phone and nothing changes. There's no lunch in South Bend, no Verizon visit. Jen brought me chocolate-covered raisins, bless her. I needed chocolate today. So I removed future temptation by eating all of them immediately.
I enjoyed all those Valentines Day phone contracts! It was so like us, to do something totally practical and make a romantic tradition out of it. That's one more thing that I'll do alone now. But at least not on Valentines Day.
Love you with all my broken heart,

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