Sunday, February 24, 2013

Widowhood: A Surprise in Every Box

Dear John,
As I expected, it's been a long and lovely day. Having Bishop ANTHONY here was wonderful. This parish has known him since he was first ordained a priest, so we've loved him for years and are so thankful to have him as our bishop. The tonsurings were wonderful, too.
And I got a surprise this morning. (That seems to be one of the constant things about widowhood - there's a surprise around every corner.) I would never have expected it, but Charlie's tonsuring hit me hard, and I cried through it. This is the first one we've had since you were tonsured a sub-deacon, and in a sense he's taking your place. I'm glad for it, and for him, but it was very emotional for me. I didn't see that one coming.
Lunch was fun and good, as always. I sat between Charlie's parents and Steven, Rachel, and Chris. So I had a good time, and I got to know Charlie's family some. And ate way too much; that didn't surprise me.
The choir did really well this morning, especially with the convolutions of the hierarchical liturgy. But what strikes me is not the technical achievement but the emotional cohesiveness of the choir. Brian is doing wonderful things with the music. But he's also better at handling people than I am, and it shows in our little group. And as I've said for years, I organize things, not people, because people don't stay where you put them. Brian is much wiser than I am in the interpersonal area. He reminds me of you, that way.
And the big surprise of the day: Father did the last round of house blessings this evening - ours was his last.  I found out about it after lunch, so I came home and tidied up a bit and swept up the worst of the dog-and-cat hair. House blessings are always wonderful, with so much meaning. It seemed odd that you weren't here for it, but it was good anyway. I hope he gets some rest tomorrow.
And I hope I do, too. I was supposed to leave tomorrow morning and take Dick and Esther to Indy for another doctor's appointment. But we're under a winter storm watch for Tuesday, and if it's even half of what they're predicting, we wouldn't be able to get back home. So they decided to cancel the hotel reservations and change the doctor's appointment to another time. I do need to get to Walmart for some groceries I can't get in town, if there's a big storm in the offing. But I don't have to get up early for it.
And that's good since it's getting on toward midnight. It's past all our bedtimes. The animals are sound asleep, and I think I'll join them. Please keep praying for me, and tonight you might want to pray for Adrian and Charlie, too. You know their road.
Love you so much, sub-deacon!

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