Friday, March 29, 2013

A Peaceful Night in the DMZ

Dear John,
It's a peaceful night here in the DMZ. At least, it is in this one. North Korea is threatening the nuclear annihilation of Los Angeles, Washington DC, and . . . Austin. We're all a bit bemused by that. There seems to be a lack of understanding of the country you plan to annihilate. Curious.
I've declared my person and immediate vicinity to be a de-militarized zone. Dog and cat may share the space peaceably, but there is to be no horseplay, roughhousing, or bloodshed on me. It has taken a while for the concept to get across - after all, they were both born long after the term was current. Tonight, on the couch, Jethro lay across my lower legs and Hunter lay across my left shoulder, and all was quiet. We're making progress.
Like this, but the cat purrs and bats back.
You would have enjoyed the getting-ready-for-bed process tonight. Hunter is fascinated by the water in the sink, and sits on the back of the toilet and watches while I brush my teeth and wash my face. He grabbed for my contact case tonight, I got him down off the sink, Jethro rushed in and grabbed him by the neck, then proceeded to drag the cat back into the bedroom and keep him there. After I was done at the sink, Jethro let Hunter go, and he jumped into the bathtub. The game was on. Jethro stuck his head into the bathtub and tried to grab the cat, who easily got away. There's usually a great quantity of bumping and crashing, and fun is had by all. (And before company comes, I have to clean the cat hair out of the bathtub.) Tonight the cat was running up and down the tub with the dog following him, until poor Jethro was all wrapped up in the shower curtain and looked like The Mummy. I was laughing too hard to unwrap him, so he found his way out the bottom of it.
They do enjoy each other. And they make me laugh, individually and together. The house doesn't feel so empty now that there are three of us. And Jethro is not left alone while I'm at work. The arrangement is good for all of us. I still think you would have loved the cat in spite of your preconceptions. So if you need entertainment, tune in here for interspecies hijinks. You would enjoy it.
Oh, no. It's almost 11:00 and they just went running down the hall for more romping and rampaging. It's Friday so there's no hurry to get to bed. I might as well play Minesweeper while they tire themselves out.
I love you so much, and wish you were here to share this pleasant insanity with me,

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