Saturday, March 30, 2013

Clotheslines & Hall Passes

Dear John,
It hit 53 today. I hereby unilaterally declare it to be spring, all evidence to the contrary! Being me, I did all sorts of things in defiance of the persistence of winter. The dog is happily exhausted and the cat is in hiding.
I took Jethro for a walk. Actually, I went for a walk and he went for a sniff. I washed clothes, sheets, and towels, and dried them on the clothesline. Three of the clotheslines - the fourth broke on me. It's time, I guess, since they are over 18 years old. The rest are looking ragged, so I'll have to pick up clothesline the next time I'm at the hardware store. And I changed out the valances, pillows, tablecloth, and things for spring and summer. It feels good to see some lighter colors in the house.
It's been cold enough to have the heat on but warm enough for it not to run very much, so the house has been smelling stuffy lately. Today was a good day to air it out, so I opened all the windows and storm doors just a couple of inches. Then I argued with myself, and finally opened the door to the garage so I could have the light and air coming through the screen door. The thermostat showed it only dropped from 64 to 61, so we got a good airing-out with very little temperature change.
Tonight the house smells good, and the sheets will smell good, too. We both always loved the smell of sheets that had been dried outside. Remember the night I screamed and jumped up in the middle of the night, and we found a Japanese beetle between the sheets? I still chuckle over that. You were nice and got rid of the beetle for me.
I had an odd dream last night. There was lots of stuff going on, like there always is in my dreams, but the central thing was that you had come to visit, but you could only stay for 6 hours. I asked you if it was a Hall Pass from Heaven, and you said yes. I was very happy at first, but found that the pressure of knowing what the time limit was got very stressful as the dream went on, and I was mean to everybody that distracted me from just being with you. It turned out to be very painful and unpleasant. I suppose it's a lesson for me. The way God made things is the best way. I will wait until I can be with you there, where there will be no more endings or separations.
Waiting and waiting - I love you so much,

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