Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Results Are In: Schrodinger's Cat is Alive

Dear John,
I don't like Daylight Stupid Time. I left for work around 8, and it still wasn't completely light. I came home around 7:30, and it was almost dark. The time change has had me feeling a little disoriented all day. I usually do that for the first couple of weeks. It was a long day, but a good one. It had to be better than yesterday - the was no pig blood anywhere.
I'm off tomorrow, and after yesterday's events, I will attempt to make no plans for the day. There is plenty to do around here to keep me busy; I will have no trouble finding productive occupation. But as soon as I make plans, something terrible will surely happen to derail them. It's best to have none to start with.
The results are in - it's alive.
I wish you had the chance to watch Hunter grow up. I do believe cats aren't bone and muscle, but made of rubber. And did you know that they purr during inhalation and exhalation both? Kind of like Ronnie Woo-Woo. At first light he comes and wakes me up, not to do anything for him but just to have the morning face-rub. He rubs his face against mine over and over, purrs and cuddles, then goes off to the litter box and then his breakfast. But for that one quarter-hour of the day, all he wants is to cuddle with me, lick my face, and get kissed.This morning he went back to sleep on my pillow with his tail wrapped around my face - that tail is so long it sometimes seems prehensile. He's bright and curious, affectionate but a bit detached, quite ruthless, and nobody's fool - the better I get to know him I realize that, while I am a dog person, I'm a lot like a cat. I could be describing myself except that I can't purr. Even you always thought I was made of rubber. I told you that it was just estrogen at work. Maybe I was wrong - maybe I'm just a cat.
I'm finally getting wound down, so I should probably try to go to sleep. If you get video there, Hunter is worth watching. And he and Jethro together are a hoot. And you can call on me any time you want to. You're always welcome here.
Love you hugely,

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