Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Irrationality!

Dear John,
I have lots of little things today.
  • First, it's Pi Day - be irrational!
  • I saw the first new lamb outside today. I came home County Road 38 and saw it.
  • There's a new form of Sudafed out that can't be used to make meth. Should be a hit.
  • I've lost enough weight to need some new underwear - went to Walmart tonight.
  • Hunter is teething, and Jethro lets him chew on his cheek when he wants to.
  • I got Hunter a new toy that's big enough that I can find it after he shoves it out of sight somewhere. At last count, there were 5 toy mice missing.
  • Jethro was eating a chewbone and not paying any attention to the cat, so Hunter went and ate dog food.
  • I finally picked a paint color for my workroom. The office is blue and the bedroom is green, and it found a turquoise that looks just like a mixture of the other two. It will be much better than the yellow for a south-facing room.
  • I'm thinking about finding a local place to get unprocessed milk. The more I hear about what's in factory milk, the scarier it gets. Maybe the place I get my eggs sells milk, too. Cindy might know.
  • I love you more than all the world put together.
That's it - if there's anything else going on, I don't know about it. Which is, of course, entirely possible.
Love you, love you, love you,

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