Monday, March 11, 2013

Giggles & Pig Blood

Dear John,
I should stop trying to plan my days - whenever I do, things go pear-shaped.
I had pork chops thawing and went to put them in the crock pot before breakfast, when I discovered that they'd leaked. I had pig blood all over the fridge: on the second shelf, the third shelf, in the cheese drawer, and in the fruit and vegetable drawers. So I spent nearly an hour cleaning the fridge before breakfast. I've been looking for a celery-keeper - Tupperware makes them - you can only buy them as part of a set - Marie has one she's not using - we spent the rest of the morning on the phone and had a lovely time. I called Panera Benefits - they're still working with Anthem to get my COBRA re-started - but according to their records I've been with Humana since May, not Anthem - which could be part of the problem - except that my card is from Anthem, they've been sending me EOBs by mail and email, and were paying bills until December - so now there's one more thing to straighten out. I set things up to get an estimate from Allstate for adding the homeowner's insurance. And I got my hair cut. And ate dinner - the pork chops, that did finally get into the crock pot. And Elyssa lost another tooth. (The Tooth Fairy is paying more for teeth than she did when we were kids - I used to get a quarter, but the going rate today is $2-5 per tooth.)
So that was my day - how was yours? Not nearly as entertaining, I bet. All this activity has the animals worn out and me wired. Getting to sleep will be interesting. I have to take a shower, so maybe that will relax me some. And when I can't sleep there's always Pinterest.
Speaking of Pinterest, that's where I found this. There's no particular logic behind me sending it to you tonight, I just thought you'd like it. It always makes me laugh, and I wanted to give you a giggle.
Love you bunches,

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