Thursday, March 28, 2013

Heeeere's Mama!

Dear John,
It was sunny today and we all enjoyed it. We could have handled 20 degrees warmer, but the 40s are better than the 20s. I trust spring will come sometime - or maybe we'll just hurtle straight into summer.
I really have turned into my mother. (She's reading over your shoulder and laughing, isn't she?) Oh my goodness, how much like her I am! Housekeeping, cooking, shopping, talking to people, even enjoying people so much younger than I am - it's all her. I have to stop and laugh at myself sometimes.
I used to say that I was a combination of my grandparents. I got my love of animals from my Grandfather Keistler, my love of color and handwork from Nana, and almost everything else from my Grandmother Keistler. (Yesterday I was involved in a Facebook conversation about diagramming sentences.) I don't know what I got from Daddy's father, because I don't know anything about him and everyone that did is dead now. But I'm sure there's something. That may be where Daddy got his geometric mind and gift for spatial relations, and he certainly passed those on to me. I have Daddy's math/science brain and Mama's practical/relational brain. No wonder my head feels crowded sometimes.
And you put up with it very nicely. You even managed to find advantages to all my quirkiness. It usually ended up saving you money - I have to admit that. And as we've said before, you wanted an independent, strong-minded, smart-mouthed woman, and any daughter of Mama's would meet those criteria. Thanks for wanting what I was. Thanks even more for still wanting it after 34 years of it.
Now you and my parents go have a good laugh! I'm off to bed - had a busy day at work today, and will again tomorrow. Love you huge immense bunches,

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