Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lent & Spider Bites

Dear John,
This is Forgiveness Sunday; Great Lent started this evening. I missed Forgiveness Vespers because I'm having an allergic reaction to a spider bite. I'm either itching all over or stoned on Benadryl, neither of which should be inflicted on an innocent parish. But I am getting to talk to you this evening, so please forgive me for all my sins and offenses. One good thing about our awareness of our mortality was that we kept a short record. We never held grudges - you are too good and kind, and I'm too short-tempered. And three months in the hospital give you lots of time to be sure you say all the things you want to say; we each had our day to do that. For the rest of my life I'll cherish the things you said to me that day.
How we felt about each other was always obvious, wasn't it? When we were in college everybody knew we loved each other, even when we were saying we were just friends. Everybody else knew better - our roommates, friends, church friends, your family, everybody. Thirty-eight years later, the nurses at Methodist were talking about how much we loved each other. And Ron said today that it's obvious that I'm still in love with you. And, of course, I am. And I always will be.
Ron came by for lunch today. He had clinical in an ER Friday night, and wanted to talk to somebody that would understand his excitement. His love and enthusiasm for it speak volumes - he's in the right field, and he'll be good at it. Jen came by and did an emergency load of laundry. And she brought me an anti-itch present - a box of Raisinets. That makes everything better. I ate them right before the Fast started.
Please pray for my itching, and for my Lent. I pray for you always.
Love you huge bunches,

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