Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Loose Tights and Low Batteries

Dear John,
What a day! Nothing went as planned. I had a day of unforseen complications. But we came through in one piece and I'm off tomorrow, so it is good.
I got up this morning, planning to go by Michael's office and turn in the tax records, then go to work. So I got dressed and ready, had breakfast, got in the car, turned the key, and the battery was dead as a doornail (or knob, or knocker). When I'd come home Friday I had turned on the dome light and re-set the clock to Daylight Stupid Time. And on Tuesday morning, the dome light was still on. Silly mistake. So I called Bob, he sent Ryan out, and I was up and running right away. I met with Michael a bit later than planned, but got things taken care of.
Then I went to work, and had a busy day. And I started having trouble with my black tights. They were so old that they'd gotten stretched out around the waist, and they wanted to fall down. So I wrestled with them all day.
I got off around 5:00, and headed right over to church for The Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete. It was wonderful, as it always is, and the majority of people there were young folks, which was a delight. I so love seeing young people willing to come to church after work, love seeing that they understand the importance of this week at the beginning of Lent, and are willing to make the sacrifices for it, that they care about their souls.
The service got interesting as soon as the prostrations started. By the time we finished the first set, my tights had slid down to my knees. I had no choice - I went to the restroom, took them off, threw them in the trash, and put my shoes back on bare feet. And was much more comfortable and less distracted for the rest of the service. Now I need a new pair of black tights. I think I got those in Springfield, which would make them close to thirty years old. No wonder they lost their grip.
It was a day for frustration and humor, so I thought I'd share some humor with you. This makes me wonder if I should have been certain I looked at your chest X-ray every time you had a pleural effusion. Wonder if this was the type you kept having . . .
Please pray for a special blessing for Bob and Ryan, a pair of tights for me, and perseverance for all of us during this week - Pure Week - when we're in church eight evenings out of nine, we're fasting, and we get tired. And we see the most beautiful services the church has. When I'm this tired, I envy you and the freedom you have from your physical body.
Love you so much - sleep good,

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