Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Memories of Snowstorms Past

Dear John,
We're having what I hope is our last snowstorm of the season. And it will probably be our deepest snow - they're predicting 7-8 inches by morning. But on Sunday the temperature will be near 50 and it is supposed to rain. So the fact that I haven't gotten the snow blower out of the shed shouldn't be a problem. All season it either hasn't snowed enough to need it, or the wind has been strong enough that the driveway stayed clear.
When the roads are bad I watch Facebook to be sure Aleesha is getting to work and home safely, and remember all the times I worried about you driving in snow. The worst was that night you were coming home from work in Kendallville in a snow emergency with zero visibility, and got stuck on State Route 5. When you called and told me you were going to spend the night in the car, I meant it when I said that if you thought you were going to do that, I would head out that way in the minivan. That's what it took to get you to go to the nearest house. And that sweet lady took you in, bless her! That was a nasty night.
In the sense of making lemonade from a nuclear conflagration, at least I don't worry about you driving in the snow now. When I see something ugly on the radar, I still feel like I should text you at work and let you know. I gave you weather bulletins while you were working for over thirty years. Old habits die hard.
It's not snowing where you are tonight. And your little family is safe and warm. If you think about it, pray for all of us down here. I'll pray for you tonight, like I always do. On cold nights, we miss you in the mammal mound.
Love you so much,

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