Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wanna Buy a Pillow?

Dear John,
We did get that 8 inches of snow. The roads were an adventure this morning, but by afternoon they were just wet. I got out of the driveway without shoveling. There didn't seem to be any point when by Sunday it's going to be 50 and raining.
I have some fun news. I got a phone call from Deb today, and she's going to be coming over for a few days later this month. All of a sudden I'm busy. I'm taking two days to take Dick and Esther back to Indy for another doctor's appointment, the next week Deb is coming over, Lent starts soon and the church schedule will get busy, and Irene and I are planning for her trip over here.
The pre-spring schedule is coming, too. Soon we'll have days nice enough for cleaning out the flower beds and pruning. And I have two rooms to paint when I can open the windows. I want to get some vegetables planted this year since my collarbone is finally up to canning. And I promise that this year I'll put flowers in the window boxes.
I didn't get much done the summer of 2011 because of the collarbone, and last summer speaks for itself. I'm looking forward to getting caught up. The social activity will be good for me, too. Being around people is still an effort sometimes, but not as hard as it was a few month ago. For a while, being around people was unbearable. It's gradually gotten better, and now I'm enjoying people again.
I had to show you this picture I found on Pinterest. These are called long-distance pillows. When the other person is lying on theirs, yours lights up. And you can hear the other person's heartbeat. I wish they'd work for us, but I have my doubts. Wouldn't it be lovely, though? I'm not alone at night because I sleep with the cat and the dog, but the bed is still lonely.
Loving you, lonely for you,

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