Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our Rings & Our Saturday Things

Dear John,
I woke up this morning with "Come Saturday Morning" on my mind, and it reminded me of our college years. Of course, it came out long before that. And, as I remember, it was the best thing about The Sterile Cuckoo. But it got me remembering anyway.
Since we were both science majors, most Saturdays were study days. And Friday night was laundry night. I loved going to laundromats with you. The dorm washers ate clothes, so we had to go somewhere. And it saved money to do our clothes together. That's when I first fell in love with folding your underwear. (It's a bit strange, but I always loved doing that. I miss that now.)
But there were Saturdays when we'd do things for fun. Sometimes we'd meet for breakfast at K-Lair Grill. I'd get a half-order of pancakes, you'd get a grilled honeybun, and Kathy would holler the order to the back. I can still hear her. Then we'd go driving somewhere. Studying with you was even fun. When we had reading to do, we could stop and talk about what we were studying since our studies were in the same area.
And then there was the foot thing. We'd both take our shoes off and study in our socks, and sometimes you'd rub your feet against mine. I found it impossible to read under those circumstances, but I kept turning pages occasionally so you'd never know how distracting you were. Dating was more innocent in those days, and I'm glad. Even then, I loved just being with you, no matter what we were doing. You were all that mattered
So it's another Saturday, and I wish you were here. If you were, we'd travel for miles on our Saturday smiles, and then we'd move on. But we would remember long after Saturday was gone.
Loving and remembering,

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