Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Cleaning & Daylight Stupid Time

Dear John,
Thanks for visiting me last night. There was a medical disaster in the dream, but it wasn't happening to you. It seems that we may get this dream thing down yet!
I've had a nice, busy day. I called your mother this morning, and we had a good talk. I so love talking to her! And I'm grateful that your family still thinks of me as family. As I've said before, thank you for having such a nice family.
I cleaned the house today - dusted, swept, vacuumed, cleaned bathrooms. I did a bit of spring cleaning while I was at it. I cleaned the fan and all the ceiling light fixtures, and got the cold air return vents. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be 53, and it's starting to feel and smell like spring. It won't stay there - highs next week are supposed to hang right at 40. But that's better than 20, and we're going the right direction.
Which leads me to the bad news: we're losing an hour tonight. That's right - Daylight Stupid Time starts tomorrow. One of the things I loved about Indiana when we first moved here was that the time didn't change. So tomorrow I'll get up while it's still dark and go to bed while it's still light. The only good thing I can find in this is that the animals - who have the good sense to live by the sun - will let me sleep an hour later next Saturday morning. And I suppose you can look at it as another sign of spring. I can probably go to work without leaving a light on for the critters. And it's going to happen no matter what I think about it, so I might as well stop grousing. Worse things happen to people. After all, I don't live in a war zone - we've never had an IED in Topeka, and it's been ages since there was a sniper on a roof downtown.
Since we're having a short night, I'd better stop and go to sleep. I have a cat asleep in my lap and a dog sleeping at my right side. It seems that I'm the only mammal in the house that's still awake. But that can be easily remedied! I'll try to dream about you again. And I'll try to remember to re-set the clocks!
Love you, no matter what time zone I'm in,

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