Friday, March 1, 2013

That Pungent Scent of Spring

Dear John,
I let the garage door up first thing this morning and was greeted by the most pungent of the spring scents, and the earliest. Sometime this morning a skunk sprayed. I've come to kind of like that smell, since it's such a primary harbinger of spring. They're just out of hibernation, and they're still a bit slow and stupid. So you see quite a lot of them in the roads having been hit by cars. I hate seeing them killed. But the smell is a reminder that the new calves are in the barn, and soon the new lambs will be outside. This time of year, nothing can cheer me up like smelling several skunks in one day.
Hunter seems back to normal after his rabies shot. He does so love Jethro! He'll be curled up in my lap and dozing. Then the dog wanders up, the cat looks at him, and starts purring. Jethro takes Hunter's head in his mouth and pulls him away from whatever he was doing that I didn't want him to do, and Hunter purrs all the way. Tonight Jethro was eating the knot off of a large rawhide bone, and Hunter sat on the coffee table watching and looking very dejected - he was being ignored while the dog focused on devouring the bone.
Tonight there will be detente. I've declared my person to be the Demilitarized Zone. (A young friend thought that was such a creative name. I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was far from original. Funny how that stuff comes back to us.) They'll each find a part of me to lie on, and we'll all be warm and comfortable. Of course, there will be necessary adjustments when the weather gets warm.
Your little family loves you. (I'm sure that Jethro tells heroic tales of his Daddy to Hunter while I'm gone.) Please keep praying for all of us. I love you more than life,

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