Friday, March 8, 2013

The Furry Patch on Your Back

Dear John,
Thank you for your prayers. I do feel some better physically today and a hair better emotionally. I worked a long busy day that kept my mind off everything other than what I was doing. And that was good for me.
I've been thinking about the small of your back lately. I saw a television commercial a week ago for a hair removal system. They had a couple on to talk about how important it was to remove the hair at the base of a man's spine. I would physically assault anybody that tried to mess with that furry patch on your lower back! It was an upside-down triangle of fur - not hair - in a back with very little other hair on it. And I loved it. It was the cutest thing. Being a nurse, I've seen thousands of men's backs. I've never seen a furry patch like yours. I could pick it out among all the backs in the world. And I'm so glad you never messed with it, never tried to remove the hair. I have no clue why anybody would want to remove it; do you? Strange idea.
I'll go to sleep tonight thinking about your furry patch, and wishing I could play with it again - run my fingers through it and pull on it, and try to tie knots in it and braid it. I'd like to see you tonight, if you can visit my dreams without turning them into nightmares where I'm trying to rescue you from something awful. Maybe we can just sit and talk and I can play with your furry patch.
Love your furry patch, love you more,

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