Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Plot to Murder the Groundhog

Dear John,
I had a busy day 6-hour day at work. I don't hurt any less but I have more energy; I'll take pain over exhaustion any day. I won't be spending next weekend with your family after all. It's Western Easter and the beginning of Spring Break, and I can't find a place to board the dog. Rescheduling may not be a bad idea when my arms and shoulders are hurting. We'll find another weekend.
There are plans afoot to murder the groundhog. I'm in favor of it. We woke this morning to three inches of snow and more coming down. Kathy wanted me to come in the afternoon so I missed the worst of the roads. They were clear except for drifting on the north side of the east-west roads - and of course I was on the north side - but there was so little traffic that I just drove on the wrong side of the road and had no problem.
Facebook came through again. I finally found out what the problem is with the weather. The installation failed everywhere except Florida. I do hope somebody called tech support. March last year was unusually warm - it was this week that I took those photos of the trees and bushes in full bloom, and took them in for you to see. This year I'd be taking you photos of bare trees and mud, and you'd wonder why they were supposed to cheer you up. And they'd really be so that you could share my misery and get as grumpy about it as I was. I'm itching to get out and work in the garden.
That's all the news. I'm off the next two days and would love to get some major projects done, but I will try to be sensible. No promises - I said I'll try! I'd love to spend them with you, but I believe you already have plans. Think about me anyway!
Always thinking about you,

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