Tuesday, April 30, 2013

About Absolutely Nothing

Dear John,
I don't seem to have anything to say tonight. It's been a long day - I worked 9 hours and got off too late to go to church tonight. I'm stiff and sore from yesterday's mowing, but sore in a good way. The blister on my big toe hasn't bothered me much. I'm nice and pink from yesterday's sun.
It's been a beautiful day, and is still in the 70s outside. Today was the kind of day that makes me sorry to work in a basement office. But I got home in time to watch a lovely evening through open windows, listen to the birds, and watch the cat watch the birds. We're headed for the low 80s tomorrow.
And speaking of animals, the cat is ticked off with me. I have no idea what about - I guess it's a cat thing. Since yesterday afternoon he wants nothing to do with me. The dog is taking this opportunity to monopolize my lap. Either way, I am not lacking for animal attention.
Tomorrow I go see Joe for my yearly - oil change, tune-up, tire rotation, and what-not. No excitement is expected. I miss the days when you were here, and every time one of us had a doctor's appointment we'd go together and take a day and play, run around South Bend, eat somewhere on the cheap lunch menu. I don't even eat now that I'm going by myself. I'll try to get home in time to get some housework done before church, but this is Holy Week and housework may just not get done.
See - I told you there wasn't anything to say! Just the kind of rambling conversation we used to have at bedtime, when we'd relax and start getting sleepy and maybe a bit incoherent. And then I'd fall asleep on your shoulder and stay there until you started snoring from lying on your back. You can come snore for me any time you want.
Love you, miss you, so much,

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