Wednesday, April 24, 2013

And Just Who Is In That Body Bag?

Dear John,
It was another day that went pear-shaped.
First, I went to South Bend for an appointment with Barb. While I was there I went to Erica's and Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and got the car washed. I didn't have any trouble running around South Bend and Mishawaka without you, and I think it's because during the years we lived there, I ran all over town by myself while you were at work. So I'm used to shopping there without you.
I went back to Goshen and got lunch at McDonalds, and brought it out to eat with you. I got about 3/4 done, was waiting to do prayers after lunch, and the rain started. I could hear you telling me to run get in the car, and get my silly self in out of the rain. So that's what I did. I missed eating a cherry pie with you, and didn't get to do prayers. But this is the only time all year that I've been run off by weather. I was just sorry to have to rush off so abruptly. It's such a lovely, peaceful spot to sit and eat lunch with you.
On the bad-news front: There are great political-correctness convulsions going on over the Boston bombers, who were motivated by Islam. Their parents say we framed them because we hate Muslims. The man arrested for the ricin attack has been released and another man arrested. Denver got 6 inches of snow, the flooded areas are getting more rain, and the basement is still dry. And Willie was in a car accident yesterday evening, and was killed. I'm so sorry for Alana. He did the same thing I did - pulled out in front of an oncoming car - but he died and I'm still here. I could see keeping me here until your death, so you didn't have to go through that alone. But you're gone now, and here I still am. What's up with that? And now, Willie died and I survived. As you may have noted, I have questions.
And to top off  the day, NCIS ended with a sledge hammer tonight. Tony and Ziva had been in Berlin (too long a story to tell here - you'll have to catch it on Hulu) came back, and were broadsided by another car. In the previews of next week, there is someone in a body bag. Contract renewals for next year are getting wrapped up, so you have to wonder about subtext. But right now, I'm wondering how I'm expected to eat and sleep for a week while I wait to find out what happened.
All of this is more information that you need, I'm sure. What you need to know is that we'll all okay, we love you and miss you, our good days are getting better and our bad days aren't as bad as they were. And I love you with all my heart, just like I always have. Sleep good,

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