Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another April 15th is Over

Dear John,
What a day. And now it's tomorrow already.
I had a rather wild day at work, doing a week's worth of accumulated work in 6 hours, Deb arrived from Sydney, running errands in Topeka with Deb and managing to meet up with 5 people to talk to (thus introducing her to small-town life), coming home to roast in the crock put and fixing rice and salad, talking and playing Boomer trivia all evening, then getting to bed at a reasonable time. Then I sat down with the laptop and checked WNDU news.
Two terrorist bombs were exploded today near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The latest count is 2 dead and 144 injured. It was the lead story on the WNDU home page. I woke Deb up and turned on CNN. We watched the coverage enough to get caught up, while I checked Facebook for the day, most of which had to do with things in Boston.
So it's been a day for all seasons - a day with a little bit of everything in it. And some of it we would be better off without. Tomorrow we'll go to Yoder's for quilt batting and backing for Deb, then I'll need to make a grocery store run.
Oh, and I did get the federal taxes in the mail today. Kathy had them for me, and I got back to the post office before the last pick-up at 3:45, got my check in the mail, and am done. I have a refund coming from the state, so that will be electronic. It's good to have that over and done with. I want to watch for the new IRS instruction book - the big one - to come out so I can get one and start studying up for next year. The only interesting thing should be the health insurance laws, but mine won't be complicated. And if I have difficulties, I can always call you, right? You loved doing taxes more than anything in this world. And you were so good at it! But I taught you how to do them back when ours were simple, so I should be okay doing ours next year because they will be simple again. I will miss you during tax season, but at the same time I think it will make me feel very close to you. And that's always good, right?
It's been a long and busy day, so I'll stop here before I start to babble. I just want to tell you how much I love you, how much I miss you, and that the taxes are done and in on time,

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