Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Babies, Bombs, and Storms

Dear John,
First, I have good news. Jill had a beautiful baby boy yesterday. She missed the date of your death by two days, but April 15th is a memorable date in its own right. I know she's happy to see her feet again and have some room to breathe.
For the bad news: There are three dead in Boston and 180-something injured. The number of limb amputations keeps going up. The bombs were filled with nails and B-B balls. And today a senator from Mississippi got a letter laced with ricin. The FBI is working on both. Right now, there are many more questions than answers.
More bad news: Tamara's father died, and Father's mother had a stroke. Things are tough for many people.
Meanwhile, back at home, Deb and I went to Shipshewana today. We had breakfast at Tiffany's, got batting and backing for the quilt at Yoder's, then went to the Old Davis Hotel and shopped and played for a while. In one of the shops I met a lovely lady whose sister is recently widowed, so we talked a while and I gave her the blog address and my email address. I hope it can help some. I have SO turned into my mother. Which is a good thing. And yes, I can hear her laughing at me when I say that. Tell her for me that yes, she was right all along, and I'm glad!
We had storms last night, so I had agitated critters all over me. I persuaded the dog to sit guard by my head instead of on my head, and finally got a bit of sleep. More storms are predicted tonight and tomorrow night. I do hope to get some sleep tonight because I have to get up early to take Hunter in to be neutered. He's finally old enough. I'm also curious to see how much he weighs now. He's adorable, and so much fun. Deb and I will buckle down and get as much done on her quilt as we can tomorrow. We figure this will require more than one trip over here. We are attempting to hold up under the disappointment of more time together.
Somewhere around 30 or 32 years ago, you knew that Deb and I would be friends. Thank you for seeing that we met each other, and thanks to you and Terry for staying downstairs that night while Deb and I sat on the stairs and talked for hours. This friendship has been one of my most cherished and most important, just as you knew it would be. How did you get to be such a good judge of women?
Never mind. Maybe you just recognized women who were like me. But you always knew the women I would make friends with: Deb, Cathy, Audora, even Peg. You supported my girlfriend friendships - thank you. Now they're more important that ever, since my best friend isn't here with me anymore.
I'm going to fall asleep soon, so I'll stop voluntarily before I go face-down on the keyboard. Sleep good, hug Mama for me, and please keep praying for me.
Love you bunches,

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