Friday, April 26, 2013

Dobie Gray & the Imago Dei

Dear John,
Look at your boys - isn't this wonderful? They are seldom this still!
They wore themselves out today. Kathy and I came over and went to the viewing together. Then we dropped in here to pick up your winter coats - I'm hoping Kirby can wear them. So the animals got all excited, and I left ten minutes later. I could hear Jethro barking as we drove down the street. Then Jen dropped Elyssa off after work so I could watch her while Jen went to the viewing, so Jethro and Hunter had their favorite little human to play with. They should sleep well tonight.
This morning I heard Dobie Gray's "Drift Away" on the radio, and one phrase jumped out at me: The world outside looks so unkind. I realized that, to me, the world looks kinder as I get older. I know there is plenty of evil out there. But there are amazing depths of goodness in people, and ordinary folks often do deeds of great kindness and compassion. I think of how kind people have been to me this last year, and the people in Boston who ran toward the explosions instead of away. And I agree with Orthodox theology (isn't that nice of me!), that the puzzle isn't why there is evil, but why there is goodness. We have to bear within us the image of God since, sinners that we clearly are, we can also do great good. We can love others and sacrifice for them. The world doesn't look at all unkind to me.
The animals are sound asleep, and it's time I joined them. Thank you for your goodness and kindness. I love you so, so much,

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