Thursday, April 18, 2013

Explosions, Warheads, and a Dry Basement

Dear John,
The world has gone weird again. Besides the bombs at the Boston Marathon (which were made of shrapnel and black powder in pressure cookers), envelopes containing ricin were sent to a senator, the president, and miscellaneous other political dignitaries. Today a fertilizer plant exploded in a small Texas town that is about twice the size of Topeka - or, was about twice our size. Everything in a 6-block radius of the plant is gone. A huge storm is moving across the plains and Midwest, leaving behind hail damage, wind damage, flooding, and a sinkhole that ate 3 cars in Chicago. North Korea is still making noises about firing rockets with nuclear warheads at the mainland US. And Pat Summerall died yesterday.
Meanwhile, on the home front, the basement is dry and your little family is fine. Hunter is back to normal after his neutering. Since he's up to 9 pounds now, he's holding his own with Jethro and is taking more aggressive roles in their play, instigating at least a third of it. His incision looks fine - it was all done with internal sutures. Deb left this morning a little before I did, and got home safely. We had a good time, and the animals loved her.
Work is still busy - I'm still catching up from missing last week. Kathy's business is really starting to grow so my hours will be increasing, and I'll be glad for that. Soon she'll be hiring a new part-time assistant that I will train to do the basic things, and Kathy will train to do some of the household chores for her. All of this will free up Kathy to focus on the business, which is a good thing. My role continues to expand, which is also good. It's an adventure.
As work continues to demand more, I will need to plan differently. I'll have to try to keep appointments to my one day a week off. If it dries out this weekend, I'll have to get the mower out. It's time to add lawn and garden maintenance into the schedule. And I may have to keep up with my hobbies by multitasking. It seems that knitting and yoga can be combined with little difficulty.
I love you so, so much, especially coming home tonight alone. This will be our fourth night in a row with storms, and I'm worn out from spending much of my night dealing with the terrified creatures instead of sleeping. Please pray for the three of us, that we get a good night's sleep tonight. No thunder or lightening will disturb you! So sleep good, and dream about me.

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