Monday, April 8, 2013

If It's Indy, It Must Be Championship Sports

Dear John,
I'm in Indy tonight, watching the NCAA final - Michigan vs. Louisville. It's been a very good game, and close. I need to go to bed since I have to get up early, but I just can't put this game down. Somehow it's easier to watch sports here than it is at home. I haven't made sense of that yet.
Jill and I met at Panera for dinner - though it took two tries for us to be at the same Panera. Google maps failed me. But it was pretty funny. After we got to the same place, we had a wonderful time. What an unexpected gift this friendship is! I remember well how touched I was last year when we all had to vacate the area hotels for the Superbowl, and she asked me to stay with her that week. And we still laughed today at all the friends we both had that were warning us that it wasn't safe because we didn't know each other well enough. Sometimes, you just know. Her baby is due any minute, and I'm so happy and excited for her. My vote is for this Saturday, but I'm biased.
It feels good to be in Indianapolis - it always does. Our time here was good, and it was our last really good time. These are good memories, days I cherish. That's because I enjoyed them with you.
Love you always, with all my heart,

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