Sunday, April 21, 2013

May I Spend Forever With You?

Dear John,
I've had a lovely Sunday. We had memorial prayers for you and for Kevin, and people were very kind to me. After coffee hour I was thinking about coming to visit you, since it wasn't raining or snowing, and discovered that others were thinking the same thing. So we caravaned over - me, Luke, Lacey, Ron, Tammy, Chris, Brian, Adrian, and a college friend of Brian's named Cody. We did prayers for you and then for Kevin. It was sunny and beautiful, but in the 40s with a brisk wind. The Chief is open now, but it was way too cool for ice cream. But sometime soon I will show up with the year's first ice cream, and eat it with you! The creek was so high that I could hear the water gurgling. It was a special day.
This one-year anniversary still feels happy to me. I expected to be mourning having spent a year without you, but instead I'm celebrating you having spent a year in Heaven. I never know what I'm going to feel when, since I've never done this before, and I keep surprising myself. This time it's a pleasant surprise. I may have an emotional crash fifteen minutes from now. But until then, I'm thankful that you are healed, whole, and healthy, and are where no sickness, sin, or pain can ever touch you again. When I pray to St. John, I pray for you and for me, and ask him to pray for me that one day I'll have the seat next to you. So keep saving it for me!
Can't wait to be beside you again,

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