Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More Mammal Madness

Dear John,
We all spent a good bit of the day resting up from our respective travels and dealing with our individual neuroses. And I got my hair cut and went to the grocery store.
We had thunder storms on and off all day, so I had some periods of time with 55 pounds of shivering dog in my lap, with both arms around him, wishing there was something better on television. He was pretty scared for a daylight storm.
Hunter wasn't bothered by the storms. He's just celebrating mom's return home after an entire 28 hours away. He has continued to follow me, want to cuddle with me, sleep in my lap, lick my face, and nuzzle with my nose. Jen and Eylssa came by Monday evening to feed him and play with him, but he didn't want anything to do with either of them. Maybe this is some normal stage of bonding, now that he's over 6 months old. Whatever you call it, he really seems to have missed me.
It's after 11:30 now, and there's a line of strong storms moving through Illinois that can't possibly miss us. So I plan to have one or both animals sleeping on my head at some point during the night. I don't know how they will negotiate their pecking order, but I do know my head will figure into the negotiations somewhere. If all else fails, I'll give Jethro some benadryl and help him sleep better. The other relevant question is whether I will get any sleep.
Oh, I have to go by Michael's office in the morning and pick up the tax things. And I told you that the world turned upside down the instant you died - now I have proof. We owe Federal tax and we're getting back from State. The world is off its axis. Monday is the 15th, so I'll have no problem getting it in by then. The amounts are less that $100 in difference, so it will be pretty much a wash.
You will be safe, warm, and dry through tonight's storms - please pray that we will be the same. And say a special prayer for Jethro. And maybe for me, as both animals vie for the honor of sitting on my head. Aren't you sorry you're missing this madness?
Love you madly,

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