Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Storms, Surgery, and Silly Animals

Dear John,
Could you please come here for just a few minutes? It's storming outside, and I'm trying to type with the dog in my lap and the cat yowling beside me. If you could take them for a little bit, then I could get your letter done!
Hunter got neutered today. He did fine with the surgery, came home stoned, and is back to normal now. He's eating and running around like nothing happened. Jethro was a bit subdued today, since I took the cat and came back without him. He was completely beside himself when I brought the cat back home.
I'd better go - this is amazingly hard with the dog in my lap. And there was just a crash down the hall alerting me that Hunter has knocked something over. I'd better go see what. Aren't you glad you're missing all this excitement?
Love you so much,

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