Tuesday, April 9, 2013

There's No Place Like Home, Wherever That Is!

Dear John,
Your little family is all back home together tonight. And we're all very happy about it. I missed the animals, the animals missed me, and they missed each other. The cat was the one that surprised me. I got myself, Jethro, and the luggage inside, let the dog out, and the cat rushed me and was all over me for about 20 minutes. He climbed up me, rubbed his face on mine, licked my face all over, sniffed every inch of my clothes, and then started all over again. This is the second time he's been left alone, with Jen checking in on him in the evenings, but it's the first time he's seemed uneasy about it. Maybe we've just had more time to bond.
Sleeping will be much better tonight. There were no furry animals in my bed last night! The hotel is probably happy about that, but I'm used to reaching out at night and touching fur. Even when you were in the bed with me, I'd reach out in the middle of the night and touch that little furry patch on your lower back - and I adored that little furry patch! Now I reach out and meet with either cat fur or dog fur. (And it's amazing how different they are - in touching and in floor and furniture accumulation. I want to see both under a microscope. Anyway.)
This evening I felt very fervent in my happiness at being home again, and wondered about it. I think, when we travelled together, having you there meant that wherever we were was an extension of home. Now that I'm traveling alone, that extension doesn't apply and I'm just in a hotel room. There's a whole different feeling to it. Even when I was in the hotel room alone, I could talk to you on the phone and I didn't feel alone and so disconnected from you. The other end of it, of course, is how connected to you I do feel here at home. Very little is different from the way you left it, and I'm sure you'd like the changes I've made. Everything here is either stuff from one of our families or stuff we picked out together. And all of it we used and lived with together. So being at home is, for me, being with you as much as I can now. And traveling is something I do alone. And it was wonderful to get home today.
And I came home to partially open windows, and opened the rest of them. It was 75 this evening at 6:00. Storms are predicted tonight, but so far it's all been north of the state line. So it may miss us. I wouldn't mind, since the beasties and I all need a good night's sleep.
I'll leave you with this photo that Donna posted on my Facebook timeline, and I won't insult you by adding a caption. You're perfectly capable of getting the point without Cliff notes. So have a good laugh and enjoy it. I think it's terrific.
Sleep well tonight. You even slept well this night last year - this was the day I brought Jethro in to see you - it was your last time together. And you and he both got a long, sound sleep that night. So go and do likewise, and may he, as well.
Love you so, so much,

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