Monday, April 1, 2013

Tupperware, Wild Turkeys, and a Man in the Recliner.

Dear John,
It's past midnight and my brain long ago turned into squash, so I'll be kind and keep this short. I had a lovely Sunday morning, augmented by seeing a wild turkey on County Road 40 on the way to church - I got so excited that I missed the turn on County Road 33 and had to turn around and come back. I got to talk to lots of people, and Connie brought me a Tupperware celery crisper. I told her I had celery in the fridge awaiting its arrival.
Then Ron and Tammy asked if they could bring food over, cook for me, and visit - why would I turn that down? So we had a good afternoon and evening. Jen and Elyssa came by to bring me some of Jen's lovely deviled eggs for today, and a box of marshmallow peeps to save up for Pascha. (Since Pasca is so late and Western Easter is so early, there won't be any peeps left for us this year. There won't be lilies either, but let's stick to priorities.) Dog and cat are worn out and I'm not far behind. I'm off tomorrow so we can all sleep in a bit.
The animals were interesting interacting with Ron. Jethro kept going to Ron instead of me when he wanted to go out - he got so used to you sitting there and letting him out, that it seems any man sitting in the recliner is automatically the letter-outer. And Hunter slept most of the evening on the back of the recliner behind Ron's head. It's clear the critters like him. And they were both fascinated by Tammy's baby.
Tomorrow's the first of April, and I'll be starting a difficult stretch. Last week at work I was entering the daily text blasts for April, and I surprised myself again. As I got closer to the 13th, I got more and more nauseated until I thought I was going to throw up. This month it won't be just the 13th itself, but lots of days before and after, that are hard. So I'm bracing myself. On the 13th, will they have a 1st birthday party for you in Heaven? Or does time matter there? Here, I'll probably just have a good cry.
Love you more than life,

PS - Think how long this could have been if I wasn't keeping it short! Love you!

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