Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Cat is a Cat is a Cat

Dear John,
Irene and I are in Holland. We should have sunny days in the upper 70s. Tomorrow morning we're going to the Meijer Gardens. I was looking forward to going there with you last summer. Going with your sister is the next best thing!
This photo made me think of you and laugh. You always loved big cats but not little ones. And, as a certified cat-owner, I can tell you that they're not that different. And Hunter has no idea that he's a small cat. I'm sure he thinks he's at least this size.
He's getting bigger, too. By the way he's eating, there's a grown spurt on the way. He weighs about 12 pounds now. A few days ago he was behind me and threw himself at the back of my head, all fours extended. I had his front legs around my forehead and his hind legs around my neck, and he nearly knocked my head off. I'm not sure if it was an expression of affection or if I was to be his next meal. I'm assuming affection.
I'm still sorry you missed him! You'd enjoy him. Even when he sits in boxes.
All your little family loves you,

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