Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beware of the Animals

Dear John,
We had a short night here, courtesy of storms and the neurotic dog. I woke up around 4:30 when he came and sat on my head. Normally I can nap while he does that, but this morning he wouldn't be still. He'd sit on me, then lie on me, then squirm around a bit - you get the idea. At 6:30 I got up to get ready for work and he went back to sleep. This is clearly unfair.
The cat has been unusually cuddly for the last two days, and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Yesterday morning he came and curled up by my face, licked me, massaged my face with his paws, and wanted to be kissed and scratched. He stayed there for half an hour, until the dog woke up and tried to join in a bit too forcefully. Whenever I sat down yesterday I had a cat curled up on my shoulder.
And the dog is funny. He'll be lying at the end of the couch, perfectly content, until he notices that the cat is getting my attention. Then suddenly he has to have some, too. He does the same thing when I start talking on the phone. He's fine without my attention until he things somebody else is getting it. He's always been a bit jealous, and getting Hunter was so good for him! He has to share me now. And he can't get too upset about it because he loves the cat so much. And the cat is demonstrative about his love for Jethro. So the dog is having to grow up some.
They're all that's happening around here tonight. It feels like thunder outside - conditions are right for pop-up storms. I do hope I get more sleep than last night. But I'm going in to work later tomorrow so it doesn't matter as much. I'm sorry you're missing all the animal entertainment. But I know that you're happy where you are - you aren't missing anything at all. Well, maybe you're missing me, just a little bit? Or maybe you're really as close as I feel like you are, so you wouldn't miss me at all.
Oh dear - it just thundered. I have to go and make room for the dog in my lap. Love you so, so much!

PS - The radar shows a nasty line of storms coming, and warnings are slowly moving closer to us. Looks like no sleep tonight! Please pray for the sanity of your little family!


  1. Joan, Did you always feel him right by you? Maybe Dana is by me and I just am too consumed with my pain, I do not notice. Sometimes I get a sense of calm..Share with me

    1. Not always, but always sometimes. The more time passes, the more I feel him with me. It makes no sense, but nothing has for the last 3 years, so why start now? Sometimes I don't feel it, but see it in hindsight. It's a wild roller coaster ride. But it does get better. And it's the price for having loved so much, so it's worth it all.