Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Canine & Feline Conspiracy

Dear John,
The lilac bush is beginning to bloom. This is the first night that I've sat by this window and smelled lilacs. It's wonderful.
There's nothing much happening today. I had a busy day at work, went grocery shopping on the way home, talked to your sister about our plans for next week, and have dealt with the animals misbehaving ever since.
It seems that, while I was gone today, they agreed to torture me after I got home. The dog has spent most of his time going out so that he can beg to come right back in again, and the rest of his time pawing me whenever I go two seconds without petting him. The cat keeps biting me because I won't let him tear up the screens trying to get to the grasshoppers outside. And so it goes. I love them dearly, but wish they wouldn't conspire against me.
I'm looking forward to Irene's visit next week! We've always enjoyed our play times, and our last one was in September of 2010. It's always fun to tell people that I was going away to spend a week with your sister. Invariably they'd say, "You mean your sister." And I'd tell them no, that I didn't have any sisters, I meant your sister. Everybody thought it was so strange. But you never did - you thought it was great. And it is. And it's dawned on me that we're both only children now, so having an extra sister is a very good thing.
Thank you for not minding me going away for those days and leaving you here to fend for yourself. (And I know - I can hear you saying that you're all grown up now. But not everybody is so nice about it.) Thank you for standing up for me when your guy friends used to tell you to take my credit cards away before I left. And thank you for having such a nice sister. (I will always appreciate her sacrificing herself in the rocking chair when you were a baby, so that you didn't fall on your head. After all, I did fall on mine when I was four - that probably explains a lot. Between that, 2011's subdural bleed, and fibro fog, I can clearly not be held responsible for anything at all!)
I love you so much! I can hear you chuckle and see you smile at all this, and it is good. I do worship the ground you walk on. And I will walk there with you as soon as I can!
Love all of you with all of me,

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