Saturday, May 25, 2013

Interspecies Apocalypse

Dear John,
I've got to tell you about what happened first thing this morning! I woke up, sat up, and soon had a dog in my lap. He and I cuddled for a while, then the cat came to check things out. I had Jethro's head on my right leg and Hunter curled and purring on my left leg. The cat got bored first, of course. He got up and sat on the back of Jethro's neck, wrapped his front legs around the dog's muzzle, and proceeded to chew on his face.
So the dog jumped up and grabbed the cat's head in his mouth. The cat wiggled away and ran down the hall. The next thing I knew, it sounded like the hall was purring. Here came Jethro dragging Hunter by the neck, while the cat purred his little heart out. Jethro put him down on the rug, the cat made a break for the tub, and bathtub Olympics followed. As I've said before, Hunter is often the instigator of all this silliness. We've all had too much fun today.
I had big projects to tackle today, but my body had other ideas. I've gone full-speed for a week without a break. So today I've done some small chores, accidentally taken two naps, and watched most of a Longmire marathon. It warmed up enough for me to open the house again - everybody is glued to the windows. The cat stalks, the dog sniffs, and I just enjoy with my inadequate human nose and ears.
That's what's up with your little family, living amicably together no matter what it looks like.
Love you forever,

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