Saturday, May 18, 2013

Going to Sleep While I Can Do So Electively

Dear John,
We're back at home, and getting all the excited creatures settled down. I keep falling asleep, so I'll turn the light off shortly so I can fall asleep electively while I still can.
We had fun in Holland, but there was one disappointment. Lizzie Ann's Yarn Shop is closed due to retirement. I was so sorry that it's gone - I'll miss it. After walking downtown, we drove out to the south jetty parking area and walked half a mile out to the jetty. It was too windy to go out beyond where the railings are. It was such a contrast to yesterday on the beach but still beautiful, just a different type of beauty. We enjoyed the hike.
Then we drove back, picked Jethro up from the vet, and sat and talked for a while when Jen and Elyssa came by to visit. Then we went out for Mexican food here in town. Irene brought the DVD of Tourist  for us to watch, and it was a pretty cool movie. I enjoyed it. I hope Netfilx has it!
We're all off to bed now. I kept falling asleep trying to check Pinterest, so it's obviously way past my bedtime. Tomorrow we'll see about going to buy annuals for my window boxes and containers. Now I just need to go to sleep while I can do so electively.
Sleep good - love you great bunches,

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