Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Grass Chutes, Cotoneasters, & the Mammal Mound

Dear John,
I've had a busy day, and somehow it's gotten late! I ran errands today - I got groceries, pet supplies, a garden hose, the last of my annual seeds (I finally found cosmos), two cotoneasters for the east flower bed, and two heirloom tomato plants. I took your chess books to Matt and ate lunch there. Matt was in a management meeting so I didn't get to talk to him, but the chicken-strawberry salad was to die for. Kohl's had a big one-day sale - I got two summer nightgowns, a small purse, and a new tank top for mowing, and with the preferred customer discounts it was all less than half-price. And remember the grass chute on the mower that had been hanging by one bolt for a few years? I'd told you that the last bolt finally went. So I went by the John Deere place to see about ordering a new one, and it's $150! So I passed on that, and will try to rig it up by drilling new holes. The mower is over ten years old and I can get a new one for $300, so that would be silly. And if I need to mow without the chute, I can do that, too. It doesn't matter if I have grass all over me, since I'll need a shower after mowing anyway.
This is what I'm beginning to feel like when I go to bed at night. We've had storms three nights in a row now. Last night I didn't even wake up until they were over - I'm getting way too accustomed to this. When I woke up I was on my right side with hind dog-paws over my arm and front dog-paws around my neck, and Jethro's face pressed right up against mine. So my brain said, "Oh. A dog. We must have had storms," and I kissed the creature and went right back to sleep. He must have liked the position - he hadn't moved when I woke up again two hours later. I'm glad my presence is comforting him; I just wish it didn't have to be my head. The cat slept through all of this, all sprawled out at my feet.
We aren't supposed to have any storms tonight, and I hope they're right. I could use a good night's sleep. And I'd better be getting to bed if I want any sleep at all! Please feel free to come join my dreams tonight. Jethro would like you in his, too, but I called dibs.
Love you hugely,

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