Thursday, May 9, 2013

Here's to Second Childhood!

Dear John,
What a  lousy day it's been! There's not really one thing that's wrong - everything is just off. It can probably be traced back to the storm that's coming in a couple of hours. The animals have been edgy and I've been irritable, and we've all been at each other's throats since I got home. And just as I came in the door, Kathy called with questions about her new Facebook business page, so I got on my laptop and she was on hers, and we were trying to figure some things out, and getting nowhere, largely because we were too tired and frustrated. So the animals had to wait half an hour for any attention; they are still showing their displeasure.
I really need you here tonight - really really. You could always listen to me, and help me sort out whether I was just being paranoid or if they really were out to get me. I have a situation now where I need to know that. But how do I figure it out without you to help? If you want to come to one of my dreams tonight and help out, that would be great.
I want to curl up with you, and for you to make me feel loved and worthwhile again. I'd rather work on learning humility some other day, please. Maybe I could lie in a fetal position while we ate brownies together and watched "Murder by Death." That would make me feel better. Or I could just build a blanket fort and hide. How would that be?
I'd better stop and try to get a bit of sleep before the storms get here and I have two freaked-out animals trying to sit on my head. And now the restless leg symptoms are starting - another endearing facet of fibromyalgia. Oh, and if you have some free time, you could work on making me feel like having fibro doesn't render me worthless.
Your stressed-out messed-up wife that loves you,

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  1. Amazing to me how one day, no one minute can change a mood... I am not liking any of this...hope for some sleep for you (US)