Thursday, May 16, 2013

I've Been Watered & Sunburned

Dear John,
We're still in Holland, still having a great time. The Meijer Gardens are lovely in spring. I'd like to come back and see them in the summer, if there's a stretch that isn't unbearably hot.
From there we went to the beach, to Holland State Park. Remember when we went there? We drove in circles for an hour. There were signs up to a point, then there weren't any more. We finally stopped and asked for directions. The sign situation hasn't changed, but God bless Google Maps! I just put in "Holland State Park" and we took the blue dot to the red dot. I love Google Maps.
Anyway, we went to the beach, and it was a lovely day with a clear blue sky. We walked out to the end of the jetty and sat there for a long time. I do so love water where you can't see land on the other side! And you didn't understand, but you understood anyway. You made sure you brought me to water occasionally, and sat by me while it made me cry and then my  soul unrolled. I remember one time we went to Warren Dunes together when I hadn't seen water in a couple of years. I sat in the sand, took a deep breath, and said how good it smelled. You said, "It smells like dead fish," and I said "Yes! And it smells so good!" You just smiled.
So today I got enough big water to do me for a while. I also got a good dose of sun - I'm as red as a lobster. But, since I'm busy turning into my mother, It's not tender and it will all be brown in a couple of days. I already have the best tan I've had since I was in college. That's what comes of being responsible for the mowing! For the last 34 years, you've gotten the tan - now it's my turn.
I love you so much! It feels good to be here, where we came together and had fun. Somehow we're still here together. You and I are still so much together! I don't feel lonely for you, I feel with you. And that feels good.
Love you always,


  1. Oh this sounds like a wonderful day! This statement gives me so much hope: I don't feel lonely for you, I feel with you.
    Thank you Joan for coming into my life and giving me hope

  2. Days like this give me hope, too. There are days that I need it!