Monday, May 13, 2013

More Reasons for Not Sleeping

Dear John,
It's been an interesting day. I got to sleep after 1 and was going to get almost 6 hours sleep. Then I woke up at 4 with a horrible head-jaw-ear ache. I was up for an hour before drugs eased it off a bit. Then I worked 8 hours with another hour in the middle for a viewing, and the headache came back at 4 PM. I do hope this isn't going to be an every-12-hour thing. Aspirin has it almost gone now. I'm off tomorrow so I'm not setting an alarm.
Remember Scott and Summer? George died a few days ago - that was the viewing I went to. I wondered if they would remember me, but of course they did. They were surprised that I was still in Topeka, like everybody always is. It was great to see them. But it was Arlene that I really connected with. One widow to another, I suppose. It seemed to mean a lot to her that I came.
I'm beat, so I'm going to sleep now. I'm hoping to avoid things like headaches and nightmares tonight. (Now watch - we'll have thunderstorms.) A good night's sleep would be a great thing. I didn't dream anything at all last night; that's very unusual for me. It's probably because I didn't sleep enough to dream! So here's wishing a quiet night for all of us! I wish I could spend it cuddled up with you.
Adore you, miss you,

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