Monday, May 20, 2013

Wedding-Night Humor (Rated PG)

Dear John,
It's 10:30 - about the time we got to the hotel in Myrtle Beach. And as I sat here thinking about our wedding night I started giggling, and I just had to talk to you about it and giggle with you. 
Some of our friends were worried about us - two virgins marrying each other. We told them we'd manage, and we did. The situation did provide some gentle humor, didn't it? We had no idea what we were doing. And we were so tired from getting up early, the wedding, and traveling, that we decided to put it off until the next day and go to sleep. So I suppose we slept together literally before we slept together figuratively.
I've always been so thankful that we had both waited for marriage. We got the joy and laughter of figuring it out together. And we each had the life-long assurance that we could never be compared to anyone else. We promised ourselves to each other for life, and we were faithful to that. I only had you, you only had me. The security was wonderful. And intimacy is so much more intimate when it is reserved for one person only, for all of your lives.
So thank you for waiting. Thank you for your patience and your sense of humor. We never stopped learning about each other, did we? Thank you for your faithfulness.
Love you great bunches,

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  1. Joan, this made me smile...I can just picture the whole thing...and waiting until tomorrow...perfection! Happy anniversary!