Saturday, May 25, 2013

Widowhood According to Longmire

Dear John,
Just a quick good-night note. I didn't stay up for the end of the Longmire marathon, but I did watch enough that the TV turned itself off because I'd been on the same channel for so long that it assumed I'd either left the house or died.
The show is really good. I missed some of it last year because the main character has been widowed for a year, and sometimes it cut too close to the bone. Today I found myself speaking very firmly to the television. Longmire thinks about asking a woman out, then doesn't because he feels like it would be cheating on his late wife. Everybody else thinks that's abnormal or unhealthy, but of course it's perfectly normal, especially after just a year. So the other characters all got my lecture about it. I'm the same way - I'm still married to you. I wouldn't go out with somebody else just because you were out of town, and that's what this is like emotionally, and I think theologically, too. The Lord is free to do anything he wants with me and my life, and I know I have your blessing to date and marry. But I'm still married to you. One husband at a time!
By the way, I had a thought this afternoon. I know my calling plan with Verizon doesn't reach you. But how about Skype? My computer is all set up for it. I haven't used it because there's nobody but you that I'd want to Skype with. But have you checked to see if it's supported in Heaven? Let me know if it is!
Missing your face and your voice,

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