Friday, June 21, 2013

Cats Are Made of Rubber

Dear John,
I just heard a great ker-thumping noise from the kitchen, which isn't unusual around here. I went in and found the cat on top of the cabinets. Not the base cabinets, the wall cabinets. Waaaay up there on top. As I was wondering what would be the best way to get him down, here he came - he jumped to the counter-top, then to the floor. And that confirms it: Cats are made of rubber. I don't think I need to worry about him getting stuck on top of the bookcases, do I?
Jethro has been very cuddly today, even for him. It's probably gratitude for my supposed resuscitation of the dead possum that wasn't dead but playing possum. Poor dog - he was gently nosing and pawing at that inert possum in what I can only describe as puzzled panic. He was so happy when he went back out and the possum was gone. I really think he was terrified that he's killed him when he just wanted to play. Thank goodness Jethro didn't get bitten! 
We're doing fine so far without the air conditioning. When I got home today it was 90 outside and 78 inside - not bad. I'm opening the windows at night and closing them before I leave in the morning. Tonight, all I want to do is sleep. Wednesday night, after the Coke for lunch, I got four hours of sleep. Last night, what with the possum and all, I slept from midnight to 1:00 and from 3:00 to 6:30. Between caffeine and critters, I'm beat. I can't sleep too late in the morning because I need to get to the farmer's market, so I'll do my best to get to bed early. I'll miss you at the farmer's market. And I promise to spend money without you there to push me! At least I'll be bringing home food I know is safe.
Still sorry you're missing all this insanity! Love you with all my heart,

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