Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hello! I'm Still Here!

Dear John,
Early this morning I bundled the cat up in a bath towel and trimmed his toenails, much against his will. But in between each toe I stopped and cuddled him, and he purred and got sleepy. And this evening he's been more cuddly than he's been in a while, him growing up and all. I didn't expect him to speak to me until mid-week. Strange.
Adam came over this afternoon to be sure it was okay for his friend to drive a tow truck across the yard to pull out some overgrown shrubs on the side of his house. During the course of the pulling-out, he thought the locust trees between our houses was a great idea and volunteered to help when I was ready to pull out a couple of shrubs over here, and I encouraged him that it was fine to pet Jethro when he's outside - a dog that tries to revive a possum isn't going to bite.
This morning was All Saints Day and the Synaxis of the Apostles. Elsie and I had a good long talk, and Brandy and I were the last to leave. Most of us ended up outside - it was 70 with a few clouds, and a lovely day. We've actually had 24 hours without thunderstorms. It was a welcome change to sleep last night with no animals sitting on my head.
I keep forgetting to tell you this: Last Tuesday, DeWayne and I met in the middle of the street, bringing in our trash cans. I mentioned Meredith's death, and said I was sorry but not surprised, since she died a few months after being widowed. He said the town conclusion is that she died of a broken heart. I think I startled him - I burst out with, "Then how come I didn't get to do that?" Elsie agrees. We'd much prefer to die from a broken heart than to live with one. And I'm still here! What's up with that? Two years ago, Audora and I decided that God must not want anything to do with either of us - it was the only way to explain our survival. But I'm still here!
I've got to run - some folks are shooting off fireworks and the dog is crawling across the keyboard. If you can do anything about my continued survival, I would greatly appreciate it.
Love you bunches and bunches,
PS - Back now. The fireworks stopped. We have a week of this ahead - prayers would be appreciated! Poor Jethro! Love you lots.

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