Saturday, June 22, 2013

Humidity, Locust Trees, & Biotic Wars

Dear John,
This is the first full day of summer, and I had to turn on the air conditioning. It was 83 inside, and humid. I have the thermostat set on 78, so I'm still using fans. But from now until Friday it will be 90 during the day and 70 at night. As soon as the humidity dropped inside, the animals gave a great sigh of relief, stretched out, and went to sleep. Poor things, they are wearing fur.
What we need here is more shade. We'd planned to plant more trees two summers ago, then life went off the rails. I'm going to put in more locust trees in the fall. I love the one we have - it's grown fast, they live a long time, they're tough as nails, this one has never dropped anything in a storm, the branches spread way out, and they give great shade. So locust trees it is.
I went to the farmer's market and the co-op this morning. I got snap peas, cheese, and onions at the farmer's market, and a few organic peaches at the co-op. They smell like the peaches I grew up with - probably because they got ripe on an actual tree instead of being picked green then gassed. I'm going to have one at bedtime, and I can't wait. I'm eager to see if eating organic will have an effect on the fibro. It does for a lot of people, so I'm hopeful. And even if it doesn't, it's good for all of me. I'll keep you posted.
Sleep well tonight - I love you so much!

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