Monday, June 17, 2013

I Got This $h!t Handled!

Dear John,
I've been such a big girl today! I got the mowing done, but I also trimmed for the first time. I'd found the owner's manual for the trimmer in the garage. So today I got it out - and three extension cords - and trimmed everything. Except that I forgot one side of the shed.
I'm so glad you got an electric trimmer! I don't think I could manage the weight of a gas one. But this one wasn't at all hard to handle. I remember you used to fight with it when you changed lines, so I was prepared for a difficult and complicated procedure. But it wasn't hard after I figured out which hole the line was supposed to come out of. Everything looks so much better. It looks like humans live here. And I'm so impressed with myself.

I also played fireman and rescued the cat twice. He's figured out how to get on the top of the bookcases - the ones we brought back from my parents' house - but not how to get down. The second time I left him up there for a while in hopes that he'd learn not to go there. If he gets stuck up there while I'm at work, he's on his own. We'll see where this goes.

Oh, I learned something else today. You know how you see athletes lean forward and pour water over their heads? Now I know why! It was hot and sunny today, so I came in three times to cool off and get Gatorade. I put my head in the kitchen sink and ran cold water over it, and it felt amazing. And it was cooler mowing with my hair wet.

And the Gorilla Glue failed. The grass chute fell off today. Bob has an idea to bolt it to a piece of metal, then bolt the metal to the lawnmower. I'll take him up on it. Until then, I'll try to mow when there's not much wind.

So that's all that's happening around here. Just me doing ordinary things and getting all proud of myself over it. And I know you're proud of me, too.

Adore you,

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  1. OK you are my inspiration...I have yet to use the weed whacker...We have a gas one and of course it is huge..So I may invest in an electric one too. I am proud of you too!