Monday, June 3, 2013

Love Me, Love My Cat

Dear John,
Look! It's Us!
It still sounds surreal to say, "my cat," and positively apocalyptic to say, "I love my cat." But love the little critter, I do. And I've decided that "Love me, love my cat" is applicable here. Not because I won't accept folks that won't accept Hunter, but because it has become clear to me that I am a cat.
You've always been a dog. Your personality is thoroughly canine. You have the loyalty, trust, friendliness, forgiveness, and unconditional love of a dog. I, on the other hand, am  cat. I watch Hunter and feel like I'm looking in a mirror. His curiosity, awareness of his surroundings, detachment, independence, and a bunch of things I can't find words for but you'd recognize immediately, are me all over. I've been sure from the beginning that you'd be crazy about him, and now I know why. You always wanted an independent, strong-minded, smart-mouthed woman, right? That's me. But that's also a good description of a cat. A cat loves to curl up with you and purr, but if you try to force it to do that, you're going to get bitten and scratched. As you know, that's me; I've always needed space and privacy. My difficulty is bonding, not setting boundaries. I'm a cat, you're a dog. It can be a very good relationship - just ask Jethro and Hunter.
So I found this old photo of us - I hope you enjoy it! Be sure that you'd love the cat because you love me.
Purring just for you,

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