Saturday, June 1, 2013

Matters Of Skin, Seed, and Slope

Dear John,
Today's storms went just west of us, so I had a productive day. The radar looks like we may get them tonight. Imagine my excitement. 
I did the loop downtown this morning - post office, bank, hardware store, pharmacy, and grocery store. But here's the earthshaking thing: I did it all with no make-up on. I was planning to mow as soon as I got home, so it seemed like a waste of time. And since a third of the population is Amish, there are always plenty of women downtown without make-up. Jen is proud of me. And nobody disapproved except these guys.
I did mow. I did the whole half-acre without taking a break, not because of the weather but because I didn't need one. I'm in shape again, but it was also cloudy and 70. It was a perfect day to mow - almost.
The wind was strong out of the south. Which felt great if I was walking north. But I am developing a great appreciation for grass chutes. Walking downwind of the mower was an experience. I had grass in my eyes, my mouth, and all over me. I looked like a scarecrow. The good thing was that the cuttings blew all over the place instead of landing in piles and clumps. So the yard doesn't look like it needs to be raked, even though the grass was so high that it had seed heads on it. Maybe the grass seed will be good for the lawn?
Every time I mow I think about you. I used to say that our yard was flat, and you'd say that I'd know it wasn't if I mowed it. Well, I'm mowing it now and I still say it's flat. You and I have different definitions of "flat." Where I grew up, anything with a slope less that 30 degrees was flat. You've seen the yard at my childhood house - that's a slope. Our yard is flat. So there. Imagine me looking at you like an ostrich.
It's late and I have church tomorrow. I'm praying that the fibro lets me go. How it will behave after mowing, I don't know. I didn't have a choice - it had to be done today, since I'll probably be working on Monday. And mowing on Sunday would bring out the ostriches!
Love you so, so much,

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  1. No make up? That may be where I draw the least need mascara...

    Glad you had a good day! I pray you feel good tomorrow!