Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Open-Bathroom-Door Policy

Dear John,
There isn't much to talk about this evening. I had a busy day at work but got everything finished half an hour early. I came home and mustered up the energy to fix a bowl of raisin bran for dinner then fell asleep on the couch. Now the dog is asleep at my feet and the cat is grooming himself on the window sill.
I dragged myself through today. Pain kept me up until 3:30 this morning, and the latest I could possibly set the alarm was 7:15. This is getting irritating. And scary. But there's no need to go into all that again.
I found this today and had to laugh. The handbook on German shepherds said the same thing - get one, and you'll never go to the bathroom alone again. Both sources were right. Every time I go to the bathroom the dog follows me and gets petted. Then the cat figures out where we are and comes running in, climbs up in my lap, and gets stroked by me and licked by the dog. We all huddle together in the bathroom like one happy family. It's a good thing I never had a shy bladder.
And that reminds me of a drive we took in the Smoky Mountains when I was about ten. The car got stuck in the mud. Another car came along and the driver said he'd to go the nearest town and call a tow truck for us. We waited about four hours, but one finally did come and pull us out. Somewhere in that time Mama and I needed a restroom, so we grabbed a couple of Kleenexes and went hiking off into the woods. I was standing there waiting for Mama to finish, like I did at home where we had to take turns. Mama looked at me and asked, "Are you waiting for my plot of grass?" And of course I was. We had a good laugh, and never forgot it. After that, when one of us was headed to the bathroom we'd ask the other one if she wanted to share a plot of grass.
You and I kept up the tradition and the phraseology after we were married, and when we were alone we always went to the bathroom together. Now that you're gone, my little family of three gathers around the plot of grass. Having them there keeps me from missing you as much. Come one, come all, to the bathroom!
For not having anything to say, I did manage to talk a lot, didn't I? That's not surprising. It's good to remember you and my parents. Hug them goodnight for me!
Love you great bunches,

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  1. Great memory! I love it when a memory comes to the front of my brain...